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Man Jiang Hong-Dugu Hong _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

2022-10-24 06:09   Engineering   Sang-e Chārak   22 views
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With tears in her eyes, Yunzhu lowered her head and said, "Thank you, Liu Shao!" Turn around and walk out of the pavilion. Guo Pu hurriedly stood up and went out with him, saying, "Girl, shall I see you off?" Yunzhu turned around with a tearful smile and said, "Liu Shao, are you really seeing me off?" Guo Pu blushed and said, "The girl should know, otherwise I have no reason to go out." "It's really uncomfortable to use me as a shield," said Yunzhu. Embarrassed, Guo Pu blushed and stammered, "Girl, do I think?"? Unable ……” "Who said that?" Said Yunzhu. "I'm a woman, too. I sleep beside the couch.." She suddenly changed her tune with a smile and said, "Don't worry, Liu Shao. I've said what I should say before." Bring up a fragrant breeze, turn around and go. Guo Pu stayed for a while, shook his head with a wry smile, and hurriedly followed. In the courtyard, I met Hai Qi face to face. Guo Pu hurriedly confessed, "Hai Qi, if Master Hai asks about it later, you can say that I sent Miss Yun." Hai Qi blinked and bowed with a smile. "Yes,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, Master Guo!" He blinked, smiled, and blushed. When he straightened up, the two men had hurried away like a gust of wind. He looked at that pair of figures, shook his head, and murmured, "Miss Yun is shy and has something to say. Why does Master Guo look like a big girl with a tender face?"! Really Turn around and walk inside. In fact, it's not his turn, but it's his turn,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, too. As soon as he had taken two steps, a tall figure stood in front of him. Hai Qi quickly bowed down and said, "Haven't you rested yet?" "Well," said Haibel, "Where is Master Guo?" "Master Guo has gone to see Miss Yun off," said Hai Qi. Two cold rays flashed through Haibel's eyes. He said in a deep voice, "Haiqi, prepare my horse!" Hai Qi looked up in surprise and looked at him with a startled expression. "Sir, at this time you.." he said. "Cut the crap!" "I'm going to Miss Mei," said Haibel, who was impatient tonight. "Prepare my horse!" Hai Qi didn't dare to ask more questions. He answered and turned away. But as soon as he had taken two steps, the two cold rays that shot from Haibel's eyes suddenly converged, and he said softly, "Haiqi, come back!" Haiqi turned back. Haibel waved his hand and looked so weak. "Go ahead," he said. "I won't go." With that, he turned around and walked to the backyard. Looking at the burly figure that seemed to walk unsteadily, tannic acid astringent ,ghana seed extract, Haiqi was stunned. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Volume 8 Blood Drops and Da Luo's Swordsmanship Chapter 2 The Iraqi People Are Haggard T, X \ t, small, say heaven, don After Guo Pu sent Yunzhu out of the "Baylor Mansion", one went south and the other went north. Yunzhu went north and Guo Pu went south. Yunzhu went to the Forbidden City, while Guo Pu went out of the inner city. Out of the inner city, he went straight to the "eight alleys". However, as soon as he reached the entrance to the "Eight Alleys," he heard someone calling him from behind: "Master Guo, where are you going?" Guo Pu stopped with a shock, turned around and looked, but was surprised again. From the entrance of another alley, a man came hurriedly. It was the general accounting room of the "Four Seas Escort Agency", the treacherous Wu Xiaoqiu. He arched his hand from a distance and said with a smile, "Master Guo, I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you?" Guo Pu had no choice but to say hello: "It's Wu Accountant. Guo Pu still said he was rough and healthy. Wu Accountant is good!" Wu Hsiao-chiu approached with a flattering smile on his face and said, "Thank you, Master Kuo. I haven't been outside for a long time. Chief Escort and I miss you very much. I mention you at least three or four times a day.." Guo Pu smiled indifferently and said, "Thank you, Chief Escort and Accountant Wu. I've been dealing with trivial matters for so many days. Accountant Wu should know about the affairs in the mansion. I can't help it.." Wu Hsiao-chiu said with a smile, "You're a capable person. Are you free tonight?" Guo Pu's face was hot subconsciously and he said, "Just go out for a walk.." "Why don't you go sit in the Escort Agency?" Asked Wu Hsiao-chiu. Guo Pu quickly shook his head and said, "No, thank you, Accountant Wu.." He pointed back into the alley and said, "I have something to do here.". ” Wu Xiaoqiu blinked his old eyes and said  Tower: "Is that Manager Guo?"? Please come up! As soon as Guo Pu heard it, he knew it was Xiaoyu. He immediately answered and stepped up to the West Tower. Sure enough, Xiaoyu stood waiting at the top of the stairs. As soon as Guo Pu went upstairs, she said,lutein eye complex, "Master Yan, you're back. Our girl.." "Xiaoyu, be talkative!" prius-biotech.com

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Shenzuo _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise